• Staff

  • Terri G, Alexandria Ky

    I am the owner of A1 Pet Sitting. I have a BA from NKU in speech and have 30 years experience working with animals, including training techniques with positive reinforcement. I have cared for pets under the most extreme circumstances, from injuries to allergies when the seasons change. As the owner, I take great pride in ensuring our entire team provides you and your pets with the best possible care. One way we accomplish this is through coordinated scheduling. If you have a favorite pet sitter, just let me know, and the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate your request.

  • Lee Ann M. Wilder Ky

    A mother of two daughters and two amazing felines, Lee Ann has been a great asset to the business. She has been a member of the team since the first client opened their door to us in 2012. Her first love was cats. But, since she has worked with dogs for the past 4 years, she has grown very fond of canines. I believe one day she may even have one of her own! Lee Ann's partner is her 18 year old daughter, Alicia V., who works with her every chance she gets.

  • Alicia V. Wilder Ky

    A senior at CCHS who is an animal magnet. Even the most timid pet will gravitate to Alicia. Even Lee Ann has been amazed at times at how comfortable the animals respond to her. Alicia is always playing with them and taking dogs for walks in all kinds of weather and conditions. She has been a member of the team since 2012.

  • Terri B. Newport Ky

    Terri has been a member of the team since 2015, a pet owner of reptiles, rats, pigs, and large birds, including macaws. She is a strong communicator and pays very close attention to details concerning diet, medication, and keeping your pet in a clean environment. Terri believes no animal should be left uncared for, no matter what the situation.